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The latest illustrative project Emma has been involved in was to design the artwork for the novel "Gullveig and the Breaking of the Hexes" by Moonwillow.  For more information on the book and the author, or to order a copy visit www.gullveig.co.uk

       Artwork for Gullveig and the Breaking of the Hexes                      Book Cover "Gullveig and the Breaking of the Hexes"
        image © Moonwillow                                                                                                image © Moonwillow

To create a piece of art as complex as this one requires foresight and planning.  Below you can see the artistic journey  this painting took from the sketch plan and the initial grissaille style underpainting, through the build up of watercolour layers, to the final image enhanced with pencil and pastel.

Initial lead pencil sketch    Watercolour under painting     Layering up using watercolour     enhanced detail with pencil
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© Copyright Emma Rhodes 2008