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Emma worked on a series of images for a children's book project about a little boy called Timmy who has an active imagination.  Timmy's reality is that of an ordinary boy who gets dressed, brushes his teeth, has breakfast and goes to school like any other ordinary boy, but in his imagination things are far more exciting.  Below are a few sample images from the project.

      "Wake up Timmy" - lead pencil      "Hello Timmy" - lead pencil      Timmy on the moon - watercolour  

When working as an illustrator for an author or other professional it is important to be able to put ideas on paper quickly and accurately to ensure you are both visualising the same image.  Below are are few examples of quick line drawings created during initial meetings.

 in the jungle - pen and ink sketch       at the park - pen and ink sketch

Once the image or theme has been agreed on it can be developed back at the studio.  Below you can see the first stage of a cartoon character called 'kool kat' followed by the final image.

kool cat draft - pen and ink sketch            kool cat - pen and ink

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